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Pre-Construction Services

Methods and tools of our estimating and budgeting services are outlined below:

timber peg building frameCustomized Estimating Software Program
We are very proud of our custom cost management/estimating system. Our process begins from the very first conceptual estimates and tracks every penny of the project through the final bid package and on to final completion of the project.

Customized Reporting
Another advantage of our systems is flexibility.

Standardized Cost Codes
We provide unparalleled cost tracking through job-cost accounting. With company-wide pre-assigned cost code numbers for each and every work activity, we are able to accurately track all costs from the first conceptual estimate through the preconstruction phase and the entire construction phase. This includes all equipment, materials, and manpower.

Historical Data
Our estimating system has over 18 years of data in its master cost file. Not only do we take all the projects which we have completed, but also all of the projects which we have bid and input unit price information in order to have the most accurate and up to date cost data base possible.

Complete Detailed Estimates
Our estimating format is broken down into 16 CSI divisions, each level showing more detail. From the first estimate we perform throughout subsequent estimates, all are done electronically showing complete detail, down to the "nuts and bolts" level. We are able to break our estimates into as many summary levels as needed through our cost coding mechanism. This allows you to see your project broken down by departments, areas, or phases.

Cost Management and Control System
LD Watkins begins its cost management and control system in the estimating phase of the project. We identify every item of work on the drawings, assign a cost code number to it, as well as the budgeted number of man-hours and costs associated with that item of work. Again, this report serves to assist the team in tracking the cost impact to the job based on design and value engineering alternatives.

building plansConstruction Cost Analysis
As construction starts the cost items from the detailed estimate are converted directly into our accounting system.

Ongoing Status Reports
By tracking progress weekly, we stay on budget. As the project progresses, the costs and quantities of work completed are reported from the field, giving us a status report of the dollars spent and work completed to date and that remaining. This then allows us to project the total dollars and man-hours required to complete the job. At this point we are able to determine whether there are enough dollars left in the budget to complete the work item, which in turn will alert us to any potential problem areas.

Subcontractor Solicitation and Management
We use only the best subcontractors and tradesmen. LD Watkins has developed the reputation for treating subcontractors with great integrity and fairness. Additionally, we have a working understanding of the capabilities and level of quality every subcontractor we use. We maintain a database of subcontractors, their area of work, size capabilities, and their performance rating on our past projects.


Early Procurements of Materials; Materials Management
Just in time delivery saves money. LD Watkins uses preconstruction scheduling information and material delivery schedules to ensure that all materials arrive at the project site when they are needed. This "just-in-time" process prevents materials from arriving at the site too early, requiring site storage, and invoicing for these items earlier than necessary. The submittal requirement log and material delivery schedules are reviewed at all project meetings and become an integral part of the master construction schedule.

Commercial Construction Services
Visit our Commercial Construction Services section for details on services we offer.


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